Cosmic Kites



Fishmoose Interactive

Based in Karlshamn, Sweden

Release date:

Q1, 2017


PC, initially. PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux later on.


~ €7


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Cosmic Kites is a fast-paced local multiplayer action game similar to Snake but with dragons, lasers and lots of shiny particles and upbeat music. Inspired by games like Tron, Achtung die kurve and, but with a modern touch, the pace and action are multiplied and additions such as the teleport makes for a swift and often hilarious experience. Pick up juicy lasers or explosive missiles in the quest to eliminate your friends.


The project started as a ”much needed break” from our other, way larger project Immemorial. We wanted a project that we could finish in a relatively short amount of time, and a few iterations later; Cosmic Kites saw the light of day.

We earned one of three slots in the Game Concept Challenge of 2016.


  • High-energy take on a classic but simple concept.
  • Easy to pick up – hard to master.
  • 1 – 4 player local-multiplayer.
  • Supports both keyboard and Xbox-controllers.
  • High score hunting single player survival mode for all the sadomasochists out there.
  • Ages 6 – 99 (no centenarians allowed).
  • Pick from 8+ playable characters, such as pigs, squids and dragons, that does not affect your game play in any sensible way.
  • Create your own game modes or choose from a wide array of pre-created ones.
  • 6+ power-ups to add complexity and stress to your game rounds, these include laser beams, spiky shields and plasma blasts.



Download all screenshots & photos as .rar (13,1MB)

Cosmic Kites - Runner 02

Cosmic Kites - Runner 03

Cosmic Kites - Runner 01


Download logo file as .rar (1,26MB)

Cosmic Kites - Logo - Square

Cosmic Kites - Logo - Banner