Previously “A Memory of No-One”,  this is our first game-project outside of BTH. After entering a local game design competition in 2015 we received funding in order to realize the project. The game started as a part-time project of Alex’ in the winter of 2014-2015. Later during the following spring, Tobias was asked to contribute with sound design, music as well as writing for the project.

Immemorial is a rogue-lite action/adventure game in which almost every aspect of the game, from the levels to its narrative, is being randomized in order to create a vast and constantly changing game world.


You awake as yet another undead in a vast and unknown after-life. In order to survive, you were once forced to sell all of your memories and now you’re on a journey of discovery in order to unveil what was once forgotten.


Game Engine: Game Maker Studio

Sound Engine: Game Maker Studio

Development team:

Alexander Schach – Graphics, Programming, Design

Tobias Lindberg – Writing, Narrative design, Sound design, Music