Video games is life… Digital art and programming is what i spend most of my time on. Love to travel. When I am not creating games or anything else, I am watching tons of movies/tv-series/playing games and also 3D scanning stuff in the murky forests of Sweden.

I am co-owner of Fishmoose interactive, a video game company working on the game “Immemorial”. other than that I am also working on setting up a course in the creation of 3D art.

Being visually impaired (I see roughly 15-20% of normal sight) in combination with being an artist has yielded a lot of funny jokes: “ow, that dude in the corner, that’s our artist, if you’re wondering why his face is pressed up against the screen it is because he can’t see shit”

I am usually very quiet and don’t voice my opinion all that much, if the topic of discussion isn’t something I really care about. Just ask my co-workers. I have a habit of bulldozing other participants of the conversation if I am on a roll.


Favourite food: Anything grilled
Favourite drink: Beer.
Favourite game(s): Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Transistor, anything rouge-lite/like but mostly the Binding of Isaac
Favourite game soundtrack: Bastion
Favourite movie(s): In Bruge, Juno, Ondskan
Favourite movie soundtrack: Cannot remember one that stuck with me but “the Leftovers” soundtrack is the shit, but that is a TV-show
Favourite TV-show(s): Peep Show, the Leftovers (season 1), Bojack Horseman
Favourite anime:
Favourite book(s): a song of ice and fire, The witcher saga
Favourite music: Rise Against, La Dispute, Mark Knopfler, Flyleaf